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Je note en particulier :
  • La transition énergétique = augmentation du prix de l’énergie
We have to be aware however of the challenges accompanying the “Energiewende”. Energy prices will continue to rise and we have to tell our people the full truth about future consequences. This is an obligation for our politicians.
  • Le mix avec des énergies renouvelables subventionnées n’est pas soutenable, et nécessitera en outre de déployer les lignes à haute tension.
On the other hand, we have now a system where renewable energies are highly subsidised. This is not sustainable as it will lead to electricity prices which are not competitive compared to other economies. Furthermore, our grid capacities are insufficient and we need new transmission lines to assure grid stability and security of supply.
  • Il faut près de 5 ans avant l’arrêt administratif et le retrait du combustible. Mais encore faut-il que le gouvernement ait pris des décisions quant au devenir des combustibles irradiés !
For the units shut-down in March 2011, we need first to unload the fuel. This should be done by 2015 for Unterweser and by 2016/17 for Isar 1. Then, we need to know under which conditions the waste will be sent to the final disposal and we need certainty about the commissioning of the final disposal site. So far those decisions have not been finally made by our government. As this clearly impacts our decommissioning strategy, we need soon clear messages and actions from the German government.

  • Les nouveaux réacteurs coûtent cher, et EDF devra prolonger la vie de ses réacteurs pour rester compétitif face au gaz de schiste, impact sur le climat mis à part.
EDF will have to do both extending the life time of its fleet and starting a new build program.
I believe nuclear power is competitive compared to unsubsidized off-shore wind, solar power etc... but if we were ready to reduce ambitious climate protection targets and develop shale gas it might be difficult for nuclear to compete with this.

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